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Innoband Technologies, Inc. is a data communication device supplier based in San Jose, CA. Innoband was established in June of 2006 by a group of industry veterans with combined experience of more than 30-years. Our primary focus is in serving Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILEC), Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC), Internet Service Providers (ISP), distributors and e-tailers. Our goal is to provide high performance, cost effective and reliable customer premise equipment (CPE) to our partners. Our products are known to have one of the lowest truly defective rates in the industry. In addition to the complete CPE offerings, Innoband also offers back-end RMA recycling service that frees our partners of the headaches dealing with returned Innoband™ equipment from their customers. Our partners are able to monitor their RMA service progress in real-time with Innoband™ extensive RMA web system. We believe in going to extra miles for our partners.

“Innovative People, Innovative Broadband”


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